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Download Geeni for PCSearching for an app to control all of your smart home appliances in one place, then you are in the right place. Here you will know about controlling all your smart appliances in your house at a single platform. This platform is provided to you in the form of an application. This application is known as Geeni.

Geeni is one of the amazing applications in the present era that allows you to control your smart devices in your homes at one place that is the application itself. It allows user to control their various Geeni savvy devices in only one and simple application.

The app allows you to control your Geeni devices in different ways like you can increase or decrease the brightness of the bulb using the app. the bulb should be a Geeniā€™s light bulb. The app is very simple, and everyone can use it. You can start or stop the functionality of the app just by clicking once on the start/stop button. You can use it as a surveillance camera app using the Geeni camera. It will enable you to have a look at different areas in your house that are in the range of the camera.

Feature of Geeni

The app is enriched with a lot of amazing features like this. The following are the amazing features of Geeni.

  • Grouped Devices

The app allows you to control your smart devices altogether in one place and one time. For this, you have to make the groups of your devices and then you can use these groups to control more than one device at the same time.

  • Controlling of Devices

This feature enables you to control your Geeni devices from any remote location. For example, you are in your bedroom and you want to switch off the lights of your drawing room. So, you can do this using the Geeni app even without going to your drawing-room. In addition to this, you can also increase or decrease the brightness of the light bulbs and you can also record videos from the surveillance cameras in your home.

How to download Geeni on PC- (Windows & Mac)

You can also use Geeni on your PC or laptop. But the PC version of the Geeni application is not developed yet. Therefore, to use Geeni on your PC you have to use a third party known as Android Emulator. These help you to run the android application directly to your PC without any harm. There are a lot of android emulators, but the best are as follows.

  • For Windows users, Bluestacks is the best.
  • For Mac OS users Andy OS is the best.

Download Bluestacks

Follow the following steps to download Bluestacks.

  • Open the official website to download Bluestacks.
  • Double click on the download option.
  • Select the memory location for the file to download.
  • On completing the download open the software setup.
  • Run the software on your PC and install the setup on your PC.
  • After installing open the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • After the Bluestacks is being installed completely.
    • Open the Google play store on the Bluestacks.
    • Search for the Geeni application.
    • Click on the install option and install the app by accepting the necessary licenses.
  • Enjoy using Geeni on your PC.

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