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OKCredit app for PCIf you are running any kind of business then you must know the headache of managing accounts. Creditors and debtors are present in every business. These are just 2 main things, there are many more small matters which can cause a mess for the owner. So, maintaining the account timely on a daily basis is unconditional. So that owner can avoid the unseen loss. In India, many store owners are still living in that Stoneage.

Its time to get of massive and bulky registers. If you have a smartphone and you are India, just need to install the OKCredit app. This app plays the role of an Accountant for you. A complete accounting app that is similar to famous computer Software.

OkCredit app is not for computer devices. Many people use Laptops at the shop for entering the business data. They are deprived of such an awesome service. The OkCreddit app for PC is not available directly. Users who wish to get OkCredit App on Windows 10/8/7 Laptop and MacBook Air/Pro have to follow the methods that we have written in our guide. You can check it in the end.

Khata (Accounts) Manager for Indian:

App is designed for the Indian people. many of the shop owners are not educated or they lack latest technology owner. So, you should tell them about this app. The app interface is kept simple. It is Safe, Secure, Reliable, only you have access to your data, and no one else. Also, you can set the password on the app. So, that your accounts can’t pass in front of non-concerning eyes.

How to download OKCredit app on PC- (Windows & Mac)

You can also use the OKCredit app on your PC or laptop. But the PC version of the OKCredit app application is not developed yet. Therefore, to use the OKCredit app on your PC you have to use a third party known as Android Emulator. These help you to run the android application directly to your PC without any harm. There are a lot of android emulators, but the best are as follows.

  • For Windows users, Bluestacks is the best.
  • For Mac OS users Andy OS is the best.

Download Bluestacks

Follow the following steps to download Bluestacks.

  • Open the official website to download Bluestacks.
  • Double click on the download option.
  • Select the memory location for the file to download.
  • On completing the download open the software setup.
  • Run the software on your PC and install the setup on your PC.
  • After installing open the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • After the Bluestacks is being installed completely.
    • Open the Google play store on the Bluestacks.
    • Search for the OKCredit app application.
    • Click on the install option and install the app by accepting the necessary licenses.
  • Enjoy using the OKCredit app on your PC.

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