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Download Dumpster for PC, Windows | Free

Dumpster for PCIt is common that you may delete important data by mistake. Or your younger sibling has deleted your images or contacts. In such cases, if you have downloaded Dumpster on Android smartphones, your data will be safe. But here we want to clarify a thing. Deleted data can be recovered if you have already downloaded dumpster before the deletion activity. In the presence of Dumpster, any file which got delete intentionally or intentionally will go in Dumpster app. So users can easily recover delete image, video or any file from Dumpster. I tried it personally and my all files were safe here. By it, you can keep your data safe like you can delete image or video from Gallery and keep it in Dumpster. Dumpster is officially available of Google Play, so Android users can easily install Dumpster on Android. But getting Dumpster for PC is little bit time taking. Through below method anyone can download and install Dumpster for PC, Windows, and Mac.


YYP2P for PC | Free Download on Windows 10

YYP2P for PCYYP2P is the video monitoring tool, show you the live videos coming from connected IP cams. Not suitable for professional-level usages like in offices or large scale business. Basically, it is developed for lightweight usage. For example, you can manage your home through IP Cams, watch footages on YYP2P. Keep an eye on your baby or see where are your pets now and what they are doing. YYP2P is specifically designed for smartphone and tablets supported by Android or iOS. Laptop users can’t YYP2P PC version, because it is still not developed. There is a trick by which users can get YYP2P for Laptop & Windows, Mac supported devices. See some mentionable details and features of YYP2P, then proceed to guide how to Download YYP2P for PC.


Hik-Connect for PC, Windows (7/8/10) Free Download

Hik-Connect for PCHik Connect stands among the top-ranked security and surveillance tools. This application is brought you by the CCTV camera makers HIKVISION. The company its self is so much reputable and faithful when it comes to security CCTV cameras and other products. This app is basically made for the Hik Product user. But it is also compatible with most of the other company products. This application saves you from the expense of costly security systems. Just connect this app with your cameras through a link. Rest of the work will be at Hik Connect. This app will show you all the connected cameras result at a time. Multiple tabs will be shown on a smartphone screen. Its features depend upon your cameras models and their functions. This app contains all latest and compatible to CCTV camera features in it. Are your cameras are an advanced model, you will surely like this app.


Download V380 Pro for PC, Windows 10

V380 Pro for PCV380 Pro is the advanced version of popular Android Surveillance app V380. People who are using the security cams, V380 pro can help them in monitoring the live videos. This app is free to download and use. No hidden charges and initial payments demand from users. Although V380 is an Android app, we recommend to download V380 Pro for PC to laptop and desktop users. No matter where you are present. Your Android smartphones will show you the live footages coming from cams anywhere in the world. By this, users can save their expense of LCDs and DVRs.

Wondering what is the difference between V380 and V380 Pro. V380 Pro came with the most demanded feature in surveillance tools. Yes, we are talking about cloud storage. V380 pro offers the free cloud storage. Don’t worry if your device is lost. Your recorded videos will be stored in the cloud. Cloud storage is protected by strong encryption. Only owner and allowed members will be able to access the videos.


Download WiFi Master Key for PC, Windows 7/8/10

WiFi Master Key for PCWiFi Master Key is the perfect Wifi manager for the smartphone devices. It is the most secure app for the public hotspots and save your wifi from the IT manipulators. This app is the specialist of managing public hotspots. For establishing the secure connection with random connections at public places, this app is credible. This app is joined by the millions of Wifi users from all around the world. They have shared the countless hotspots on this application. This app functionally pretty much resembles with the VPN tools. But they connect you with the connection which is near to you. Internet connectivity manipulation is dangerous for your smartphone data and encrypted passwords. WiFi Master is the creation of en.wifi.com which is owned by LinkSure Singapore.


Download Xmeye for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Laptop

Xmeye for PCXmeye is a popular security Surveillance tool. These apps save use from the expense of costly security systems. Now we don’t need to keep sitting always in front of LCD screens to monitor the video. Our smartphone will show us live video Surveillance everywhere. No matter where we are, maybe in the other corner of the world. Just need a Wifi or any internet connection. Connect the app with the camera through the link. This is modern style CCTV camera apps, other than basic functions this app working depends upon the model of our CCTV cameras. If you are using the latest camera having motion sensors, zoom in, soundable, this app is compatible with them. At nights times, you can enable the motion notification. when anything will be passed in front of the camera, it will notify you. If you can’t see anything clearly, zoom in to focus clearly. Shows you multiple connected cam results at a time. Record the videos and keep their backup. Set the duration of days, weeks, or months, of how much days you want to keep the backup.


Download F Photo Editor Online for PC, Windows 7/8/10

F Photo Editor Online for PCF photo Editor is one of the prominent photo editor apps on a smartphone. People usually edit for the fun and posting it on social media. But it has also massive professional usage. A professional photographer uses these apps to edit the photos and remove defects in the photos of their clients. So the demand for good photo editors always remains in public. There are many lite and professional photo editors in the app market. F Photo Editors is one of the prominent and major apps of photo editors. This app offers the best filters and makeups. All popular filters of snapchat and other media apps are present in this application. Finite is the best and simplest way to edit and post your photos. Use professional film-inspired filters. Fine-tune your photos with our wide array of adjustments. Crop your photos to any size you desire. Add the stylish background to your pictures to make them look more adorable. Sunset, Autumn, Moonrise, Milky Way and many other backgrounds are available.


Download N_eye for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Laptop

N_eye for PCN_eye is the CCTV security Surveillance camera app. Now the CCTV is necessary for security and monitoring all over the world. With the growing security concern, these tools are now necessary for the business and people who have big houses. Before CCTV camera apps, people use to purchase the costly security systems. LED screen and DVR systems cost us the pretty handsome amount. But thanks to CCTV camera apps we are saved form that expense now. There are many good CCTV camera and N_eye is prominent of them. it allows you to monitor the activities of your workers and members from anywhere in the world. You just need to connect the CCTV camera with N_eye app through the link. It shows you the result of multiple cameras at a time. Compatible with the latest cameras having, voice, motion and zoom sensors.

In the office, we use the Laptops and PCs for doing work. So it will be more good if we can use the CCTV camera apps on our Laptop or PC. But wait! these applications are not made for the PC platforms. Don’t need to worry, if you can download N_eye on PC directly, then why not indirectly?? We are suggesting you an Android emulator which makes you able to run the Android Apps and games on PC. You have 2 option either to use BlueStacks or Nox App Player. Both are the best in business, by using them you can use N_eye for PC, N_eye for windows 7/8/10, N_eye for Laptop, N_eye for Macbook and on many other devices.

Procedure to Download N_eye for PC, Windows and Desktop:

  • Go to the Bluestacks.com, Download the BlueStacks from there. Remember, click on that version which is compatible with your device software.
  • Downloading run the setup to install, it will take a while to install the BlueStacks on PC.
  • One it gets installed, open the BlueStacks. An Android-like screen will appear in front of you.
  • Find the Playstore app, open it. It will demand your Google ID. Log-in with the existing ID or create the new one.
  • After it, type N_eye on the search bar, Hit the enter.
  • Click on install, now it will start installing the N_eye on PC.

Download KineMaster for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Mac

KineMaster for PCSome apps are the trend followers and some are the trendsetters. KineMaster is one of those who is the trendsetter in the field of video editors on Android. The video editing is the need for professionals and entertainment for the social media users. now the Video editing apps are so much on the playstore. But Kine Master and Inshot are considered to be the best video editing tool. This awesome app belongs to the NexStreaming Corp. KInemaster is a fully professional video editing tool. You can add multiple layers of videos on any video. Precise cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions and many other awesome features which this app has got for you. Add the 3D effects to your videos to make it more real. This app offers the direct sharing. We have seen alot of videos on social media made by Kine Master. You can directly share your created video on the social media platforms.

The KineMaster is not available on PC devices. And most of the professional photographer and videographer use Laptop for their work. They will surely want to install KineMaster For PC. Initially, ti was not possible at all. But thanks to the developers of Android Emulators that Windows and Mac users can easily install KineMaster App. Yes, it is now possible to run KineMaster App on PC. Below you can see a step by step guide by which you can get KineMaster For PC, KineMaster For Mac and KineMaster For Windows. 

KineMaster for PC

Download and Install KineMaster for Windows PC:

Download Nox App Player > Run the setup file to install it > After installation, open playstore on it > Log-in with your existing Google ID > Type KineMaster on the search bar hit enter > Click on install, Now you can enjoy the fun on KineMaster with a big screen.

How to Download KineMaster Apk on PC:

  • For using the KineMaster Apk, Open the browser on Bluestacks.
  • Copy this link on Browser, enter it.
  • It is the direct link, so it will automatically start downloading.
  • After download, click on the downloaded file to install KineMaster Apk on PC.
  • Now the Apk will be installed.

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iSmartViewPro for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download

iSmartViewPro for PC – Windows 7,8,10For the live CCTV monitoring, security surveillance apps are the best option. Now you don’t need a special and separate monitoring screen to monitor the live CCTV cam videos. These apps are enough to fulfill your security system needs. Even now you don’t need to afford a security system for the security of your home and office. Just need a camera or camera (As you want) and a link to connect cameras with iSmartViewPro. iSmartViewPro is the new cam tool for the security cameras. Its functionality depends upon the features of your connect camera. If your camera is the latest. You can do the audio communication iht your camera. This app supports the motion sensors and direction changes. Motions sensing ability of this app is really awesome. it will quickly notify you when anything passed in front of the camera. On that feature in odd time like night. Otherwise, it will tease you all the day by notifications.

Download iSmartViewPro for PC, Windows 7,8,10:

This app is not officially available on PC devices. Android apps and games are the best facility and entertainment in our daily life. You can’t directly get the iSmartViewPro on PC. But if you use an Android emulator on PC like Nox App Player or BlueStacks. By using them you can Download and install iSmartViewPro for PC, iSmartViewPro for Mac, iSmartViewPro for Windows 7/8/10, iSmartViewPro for Laptop. Follow the below procedure to get the iSmartViewPro on PC.

  • First of all, you need to Download Nox App Player.
  • Run the Setup.exe file to install BlueStacks on PC.
  • Go to the Settings > Accounts > Log-in with your existing Gmail ID. 
  • Go back to the home screen, find Playstore and open it.
  • Type the iSmartViewPro on the Search bar, hit enter.
  • Select the ORG 2019, then click on Install.
  • After Installation, you can experience the best music app iSmartViewPro for PC.

iSmartViewPro for PC

Way to Download iSmartViewPro Apk on PC:

This method will guide you how to download iSmartViewPro Apk on PC. Follow the below steps,

  • Open the browser app on Blustacks.
  • Download iSmartViewPro from there.
  • Once downloaded, Double click on Apk file.
  • It will automatically install it.

That’s all this is the simplest way to get the iSmartViewPro for PC. If you face any complication regarding the procedure, you can comment us through the comment box. We will be available for you 24/7.